On… The Crux of the Matter

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ABlackJamesBond asked a particularly intriguing question on the last post on his blog – contemplating.

Would the boy you were yesterday be proud of the man you are today?

I wish I had straight forward answers, a Yes or a No. But I’m finding out that the more I think about it, the more it seems the answer is both Yes and No. Yes, I’ve met and exceeded most of my targets; No because in some regards, I have done stuff the boy of yesterday, who stood with great enthusiasm on the cusp of greatness would cringe to even hear of. Deep down sometimes I argue with myself, wondering if perhaps I have even delivered on the huge potentials I know I once had.

I take solace though, in the fact that I still am alive against all odds; after all he that is joined to the living has hope. And that gives me the opportunity to do all I need to do TODAY, so that I can be proud of the Father I will be tomorrow.

Perhaps, the most appropriate question today would be:

Are you learning or doing stuff that would make you proud of the Father or Mother you will be in Future?

29 thoughts on “On… The Crux of the Matter

  1. I think I am. With me, age has brought forth wisdom and I truly can not wait to share with my daughters. Hopefully they won't make the same mistakes that I made. 🙂


  2. In all sincerity…the answer is a firm no. I'm grateful though for the gift of life…it means I can still make it right.

    Hope you had an 'reflective' Father's day. 🙂


  3. @ Sweetness — Great then.. Wish I could say as much myself…

    @BSNC — Nice then… That's the power of collaboration..

    @Rene/Nice Anon — Cool then… Keep holding on that!

    @Original Mgbeke – Great.. At least the daughters will have a repository of knowledge to refer to..

    @Doug — Yup man.. The gift of life brings opportunities to do it all over again, and better

    @Adaeze — True words… I'm trying – -Not there yet.. But giving it my best shot to have that in the front of my mind always..

    Thanks… for stopping by


  4. i think its a yes for me, even though, there's been some ups and downs along the way….yes, the me that i have become would make the me that i used to be proud…mistakes and all.

    Good food for thought


  5. Yes I am, becuz in my journal, I write to the future me- eg. "I'm not behaving as I should, COTF [Cee Of The Future] but I know that as you re-read this [that is, in many years time] you will be smiling and saying thank God for growth…"
    Well something like this sha. I think it's very helpful.


  6. @Justdoyin — Very true… and HIS Grace is what gives one the confidence going forward..

    @TigEress — True.. we are all human… And we stumble… And yes the key is to get back right up and not wallow in the mire..

    @jhazmyn — Great then….. Good to know there are peeps who can make the cut..

    @naijagirl — Very interesting twist to the question.. Perhaps its also an important corollary to be considered..

    @Cidersweet — Great then…. God's a big part of it all I guess..

    Thanks peeps — Have a great day/night


  7. would the person you were yesterday be proud of who you are today?–i hope so

    are you learning or doing stuff that would make you proud of the father/mother you wanna be tomorrow–most definitely


  8. @Brokeass — Hmm perhaps, the gift of life is another chance to do it differently……

    @seye kuyinu — Congratulations then..

    @Lati — LOL..Please do…

    @afrocouture — liked the second answer — looks like you are making progress then…


  9. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I'll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!


  10. @ mimi — LOOOOL…. Hmm.. honesty is the best policy, no? I'll incorporate your comments when I roll ou the next theme.. .. I'm fine though.. Doing ok largely.. Trust you are too! Thanks for stopping by..

    @ Caleb — Hmmm… Sp perhaps, my own little conundrum starts here……To believe you or believe Mimi… Thanks for stopping by.. Trust you are good too?


  11. Would the boy you were yesterday be proud of the man you are today?

    Yes and No

    My children hopefully have indicated they like the 'man' in the body of their dad and as for me, I am always tough on myself, I am no where near where I ought to be, far from it.

    Very intriguing Q.

    On the template, I like the content which is what matters most. The most beautiful lady or the most handsome man could both be ….you know what…

    Nice blog RustGeek. God bless.


  12. awww..that is so deep. Probably too deep for my shallow mind to grasp but i think you're right. I'm certainly doing stuff i believe will make me a better mom tomorrow


  13. @JideSalu — You just may have summed it up perfectly Sir! Perhaps it will always be a continuum, we will always be chasing the target, never being a 100% but coming close all the time…

    @Sweetnothin' — From what I have seen your mind is not quite shallow…Perhaps you do not give yourself enought credit…Thumbs up for doing stuff that makes you improve..

    @simeone — LOL.. I am still thinking about it myself bruv!


  14. Would the girl I was yesterday be proud of the woman I am today?

    There was so much the little girl didn't understand. She was idealistic, naive, innocent!

    No, of course she wouldn't be proud! She would be dumbfounded….

    But thanks be to God, she would be forgiven….

    In this poem, (and I don't post it to get a "post", but to make a point) in fact it isn't on a post of mine, but I think I need to put it on in the future, here is something I recently wrote, that sort of describes this concept:

    The PlayList

    So many years ago.

    Each song playing a creative role

    in who I am today.

    I had no idea there were so many.

    One hundred quickly turned into six hundred.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have opened up the box.

    But it’s all part of my going home.

    It hurts. It delights. It is euphoric. It is depressing.

    The pressure on my chest is so heavy.

    My chest is rising to my throat.

    I feel it lodged there, unable to move.

    I feel pinned down.

    A captive in a long lost moment in time.

    Lived once.

    Unnatural that I should live it twice.

    What am I so afraid of?

    Each song a memory.

    Each song an awakening.

    If I let go, I’ll turn back into that wild child.

    She was a tangled mess.


    Full of endless compassion.

    Creative like the wind is creative.

    And free just like the wind.

    But with freedom always comes the pain.

    Landing wholeheartedly on every spot.

    Stumbling in, like a bull or a drunk.

    I’ve worked hard to put her to rest.

    She wasn’t widely accepted.

    But she DID fascinate.

    I sold her.

    Traded her for something I thought was better.

    I’ve really missed her through the years.

    I don’t’ think sorry will cut it though.

    I’m floating now.

    Floating on the wings of every note.

    I’m observing again.

    (It used to be my profession. I hardly ever spoke).

    Taking it all in. Eighty five percent there.

    Voiceless- swaying- pensive.

    Eyes softly resting. Closed.

    And the tears begin to flow.

    Secret feelings that only I can feel.

    Randomly singing along in full voice.

    I hear more now.

    I guess you could say I hear better.

    Where I used to struggle to achieve each new sound,

    everything comes so easily now.

    I hear more- that is true.

    But I feel less.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have downloaded the playlist.

    What good could it possibly do?


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