Feeling Cool …… On FaceBook!

Its been a sloooow Friday at mine.. So I spent a huge chunk of it on Facebook…. Enjoy a few of the more esoteric status updates I saw this week.

  • “The Law of divine BS” – Given two prospects of similar abilities, the rate of change of opportunities to perform with time is directly proportional to the amount of dust yarned and the amount of dross promised! i.e “Open eye” creates opportunities…JS (Before nko, its all about the agbari!)
  • Light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appearย  bright until you hear them speak – OO (Appearances will always open doors, it behooves the smart person to ensure the content matches the appearance)
  • Survivorship bias: We see the winners and “learn” from them, while forgetting the huge unseen cemetery of losers – FOI (Truly, First is everything, the rest is nothing)
  • You can travel across the world,meet the nicest people and enjoy the greatest moments of life in a tiny yet essential ship called friendSHIP. – RE (You can tell from the mushyness that this is feminine….Valid point though)
  • *Apart, we dominate; Together, we orchestrate* – DJ (Isn’t it immediately obvious that this dude is the life of the party?)
  • Walls are meant to shut people out, but they also shut you in – HA (This one newly marry, its allowed!)
  • A simple smile will do so much..don’t leave home without it – ENO (Another one of the fairly newly wedded peeps, valid point though)
  • Oneย  more ” I will always love you” line from his black lips and I honestly will shoot someone! Tutututubararaaraaraara…. POย  (Wo.. If you shoot all the people saying they luff you, who will remain?)
  • Why has the price of pure water stayed at N5 for over 10 years while inflation, currency rates and other costs have gone up? Any thoughts, analysis or suggestions? (FDI) (This one has an MBA from one of the top schools in Europe but is roasting behind a desk in Nigeria, this is just to demonstrate that he still has business insight!)
  • My prayer for you all is that there would be a transformation that would take each of you to a subspace that is invariant to exogenous perturbations. (AAA) (Surely, I do not sound like this… This one is a prospective Vibrations PhD!)

35 thoughts on “Feeling Cool …… On FaceBook!

  1. mr man..u always make me wann reach for the dictionary….
    lol @ its all about the agbari…and prospective vibrations phd..
    na true o..light travels faster than sound…and this explaination does all the justice ….
    hope u cool..
    slda been first IE..messed up….


  2. Wetin be dis Nefertit1 that dis ur tin is writing for me sef? I send am message? Msheeeewwww!

    ehen jare… worradispeepu yarning? #1 and d last one ermmm :S I got off the bus at the first word… exogenous pertubations? *Insert blank look*

    Birds of the same feather sure as heck flock togerra, Uncle DB cos I have no clue wot u're on about sometimes. But I manage u like dat since u be family, abi where I for throw u na? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I kinda like the one about light and sound tho, didn't quite see it that way ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a lovely weekend, bros.


  3. @ scribbles – LOL.. Well, that happened to be the one I didn't write….

    @simeone — I honestly believed I had turned a new leaf and wasn't making people reach for dictionaries anymore. ๐Ÿ˜€

    @sweetnotin — LOL.. That one had me in stitches too…

    @Favoured Girl — True.. Even I am guilty as charged. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    @solomonsydelle — That, precisely, was my exact response when I first saw, plus I had to ask the inevitable question about how she would know she hadn't shot the real dude in the process…LOL

    @NiceAnon – WOW – wish I could say I wasn't on it.. But sadly, I am on as my self and as DB. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    @Frankie — LOL… True… Trust you a good…


  4. @Nefertiti — LOL.. Honestly, I thought it was your own style of making 'guy' Meanwhile your comment na final o…. LOL @ worradispeepu yarning!

    @Kafo — LOL.. I found it particularly instructive… Guess its a 'scientific' way of saying BS can get opportunities to show what you are made of..

    @bumight — I thought so too.. Said it very elegantly!

    @liz sv brown — LOL… Its one of dem super fyne sisters that bruvs are always chasing.. So I could understand a lil' bit of her frustration…

    @Justdoyin. LOL.. Maybe they sound like me.. But I'm so not going for a PhD if I scale thru the MSc I'm currently chasing….

    Thanks for stopping by peeps.. Have a great weekend!


  5. Lol…u must have had alot of time on ur hands DB. Umm yeah u do sound lyk d last one attimes o…but we luf u still.

    Very interesting lines u found; lyk the one bout light travelling faster than sound…appearance truly does lead to opportunities.

    And yup a smile does wonders, helps me get away wiv alot, and sometimes referrals @ my job hehe :).

    Enjoy ur weekend DB!!!


  6. PS: I kinda lyk the background/setting…at least the font doesn't blend into the background…and everything is distinct. Nice…nice!


  7. "This one has an MBA from one of the top schools in Europe but is roasting behind a desk in Nigeria, this is just to demonstrate that he still has business insight!"….Lmao…na ya own writing crack me up…see as u take style yab am.


  8. @Undercover 07 — Sadly that was true yesterday.. Though I still managed to sleep by past three am! Hmmm.. maybe I need to seriously do an online poll to see what peoples' perception of me is o.. How can I be sounding like the last person???? LOL.. Thanks, I think this will be the final theme, except I tweak the CSS abit..

    @Seye — Been around bruv…. Not sure abt the url thingy though…….

    @ Rene — LOL.. True talk about the sound thingy…. I loved it from the first time I read it.. Its axiomatic…

    @Repressed One — LOL….. That's my take on the dude.. Not beefing.. Just stating the obvious in my opinion..

    @ NDQ — LOL.. Dude is 'buying and selling' for a Nigerian Company with his MBA… Sad, especially cos I know the dude is waaaay too intelligent for his own good..

    @BSNC — Hmmm….. and why would you be so sure about that……LOL…

    Have a great weekend peeps..


  9. @TigEress — Hmm.. Perhaps.. but the dude was merely using his vibrations expertise to pray a prayer…..

    @Caramel Delight – Hmmm… Perhaps, but an evening of solitude brings far greater dividends than an entire day of revelry? Perhaps, or perhaps not…….Perhaps I need to do an anonymous poll to see what you all really think of my humble self…. I definitely did not write the last one though..


  10. You don't have to make it annonymous now!!! You know we have nothing but love for your spreadsheet making, akara loving, lawyer hating, Halle dreaming, Internet surfing, society bettering Naija self ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. @Caramel D — Really? Perhaps.. But I would like some candid feedback though.. Just on the off chance that someone might have some criticism that may be useful in the long run..

    Hmm… spreadsheet making (true), akara loving (true), lawyer hating (no, no, no.. all I said was they should stop offering me free legal advice), Halle dreaming (actually its Halle/Gordon/Martha dreaming..lol) internet surfing (true – but I need to cut back on that), society bettering (not there yet), Naija self (true albeit a razz one).. LOL..


  12. Lol

    The last one im sure in mos def a naija person, we love to blow grammar to say the simplest of things. Reminds me of the statement

    'A magnanimous conflagration, is consuming your domeguary edifice"

    A complicated way of saying "Your house is on fire"


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