A Haiku for a New dawn…

Yesterday, YOU broke
My wild, frantic grab for hope.
But I did not quit.

Yesterday the skies
Seemed bleak, left gloom, made me cry.
I can smile again.

Yesterday brought tears
Shattered faith, left me in fear.
But it’s over now.

Yesterday my feet,
Walked down roads despoiled by filth
I am stronger now.

Today, the sun peeked
Through dross piled high at my feet.
I can hope again.

That Tomorrow comes,
And with it flows hope, new songs.
I can laugh again

19 thoughts on “A Haiku for a New dawn…

  1. Aww, Uncle DB, so refreshing. It reminds me of the book of psalm. Come o, why do all all your works of poetry remind me of the bible, abi I should add bishop to your list of titles ni?


  2. @ Justdoyin.. Thanks……That's my favorite part too… Hinting of a tiny bit of hope…@blogoratti — Thanks man….. We can sing again!@BSNC — Yes o! Amen to that too..@Kafo — LOL.. Perhaps, I'm still trying to find that unique blend of functionality and aesthetics… Thanks!@Nefertiti — Ah.. Book of Psalm? Perhaps its because most of these were started a long time ago and are only just being completed, so I get to have two widely differing views at the end than at the beginning… BIshop?? Nah.. I'm so far from being a Bishop o.. At least I know that..


  3. I can smile again, Its over now. I am stronger now, I can hope again. I did not quit…..beautiful piece.on another note…Danny, Danny, Danny. How many times I call you? If i decide to take english 101 in future and they ask me to recite the verses or explain each verse, be certain I will be knocking at your door.have a wonderful weekend


  4. This is lovely DB, every day is truly a new dawn for us…an opportunity to face a brand new and hopefully better day than it was yesterday. Will certainly check out the new bloggers.


  5. I cannot keep up with you, mister. A new touch to the website, i see. i like. Oga Shakespeare, I am stealing the 3rd stanza (se they are called stanzas in haikus?)!


  6. @ Oyin — Trust me I did…. It didn't quite sound like something I wanted to write at the moment..@naijagirl — LOL.. Thank you jare…. Hopefully, I'll be able to slip you a cheat sheet with the meaning! Thanks!@Original Mgbeke — LOL.. Thanks for stopping by.. Show them new peeps some love!@Omo Oba – LOL.. Its all in the name of rebranding! Err.. not sure they are called stanzas or verses.. The idea is understood nonetheless@Funmi — Yup… tomorrow brings hope…. Thanks for sharing your story too! Thanks all….. You make blogging worthwhile!


  7. First of i like the new template, too cool.Also i like the home page and what you said about finally heading home."A new dawn" Your words have made me very hopeful! 🙂


  8. @Lady A — LOL.. I took off for a while.. Back now.. Thanks for stopping by..@Caleb — I agree totally…. Hard times make strong men… Or break wimps..@Erstwhile Prodigal — Hmm.. what a moniker… Thanks for stopping by..@Gochi — Ahn… We all need hope.. Thanks for stopping by!


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