12 thoughts on “On self-delusion…

  1. I don't agree that there's a thin line between self delusion and dreaming big. I actually think they are mirror opposites. But what do I know? I'm just the 800 pound gorilla in the room 🙂


  2. "…tomorrow's gains sacrificed on the altar of yesterday's illusions…"

    It's so amazing, I had a conversation with a couple of people this morning about how all we should be concerned about is "NOW." Yesterday can only be a lesson for today, or even tomorrow. But to get trapped in yesterday's illusions is self-delusional.


  3. @Blogoratti — Perhaps…. Perhaps…

    @Brokeass — LOL.. I did.. Still trying to find THE LOOK… Unfortunately my Yoruba is not 'konk' enuf to decode your comment!

    @Justdoyin.. LOL.. Thx.. Maybe I'll stick to the theme for a while…

    @Original Mgbeke — Yup.. Interesting…

    @Nefertiti.. LOL @ 800 pound gorilla.. really? Well.. I think to the person in question, self-delusion is thinking big.. Perhaps its only to others that the gulf is yawning..

    @sweetnothin' — LOL.. Thanks.. Are you back or just passing thru?

    @Jaycee — Very well said — Yesterday provides the lessons for tomorrow.. Dwelling on yesterday, might make us lose today!

    Thanks for stopping by y'all…..


    • LOL… The statement came out of a discussion I had with someone recently where it suddenly became very clear that certain actions were predicated on rather flimsy foundations…..So what I thought was a big dream was actually self-delusion, in that rather than have a concrete plan for going from dream to reality, i was already acting like the reality was here…..


  4. mehn..RustGeek ur 'shekini' is not alowing me to post comments..
    N e howss….it took me the whole workday to understand that statement.
    Lol. Not that Im slow or anything..lool
    Now u got me thinkin about my own actions…..


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