Don’t worry Now….. Brit Nicole..

Had this song on repeat for the past couple of days.. Another reason for dudes to consider the wider ramifications of their actions before jumping in the marriage bag!

For all who had absentee fathers — enjoy this!

Lyrics HERE.     The story behind the song HERE

18 thoughts on “Don’t worry Now….. Brit Nicole..

  1. @funms-the-rebirth — Thanks.. More like the next 4 hrs actually now tho…
    @kay9– Welcome to the club dude… Its a FIRST game bruv..
    @Toluwa — WOW…Suprising too.. 3rd!
    @Kemi Penelope — WOW.. If it made a difference, it was worth it.. Can't seem to have enough of the song alongside Brooke Fraser's Shadow feet!
    @poetically tinted — Thanks…..


  2. Really deep Lyrics…..Quite reassuring too…Think i've come across her on a review by Yp's Christian Books and Cd's…She is talented…Yup…she's the one…


  3. its soothing. It started with the tune to "in Christ alone". nice lyrics too.

    with all the broken marriages around, ,maybe someone should start tasking the parents with something that make them stick it out. The most hurt party ina divorce is always the kid……….my philosophy


  4. @ScoopsNaija — LOL.. Thx for stopping by.. Still ahven't worked out how your new thingy works tho.. A bad case of tunnel vision for me I'm told!
    @Simeone – Yeah.. Was looking for a different song whenI stumbled on it and couldn't grab enuf of it..
    @Rose — Yeah.. she has to be the one.. Aloong side Brooke Fraser — she's my new Gospel Music crush..
    @naija girl — Haha very perceptive.. Didn't notice that meself..
    @Justdoyin.. Hopefully too.. Its the least gainn that could come from a situation this painful..
    @babajidesalu – Very true.. Thanks for stopping by..
    @Kemberly… *Also hanging my head in shame* might have been the first time I was also at yours.. my memory fails me.. Thanks for stopping by…


  5. You've just hit the bulls eyes Danny..I imagine as much as you what subjects men into distancin themselves from their responsiblities as fathers and husbands.This was the same message Obama had for the black community durin the presidential campaign last year..Hope this song will strike a cord in the hearts of many who are still bent on walkin that route…


  6. hmmmmm
    i like Brit Nicole but this is a new side to her
    much appreciated.

    this is so true
    i'm one of those blessed people who has a father who is so ever present and calls me everyday so thanks for reminding once more of my blessings


  7. @fantasy queen — LOL. She's been around for a bit in the CCM scene I guess… Got quite a lot of stuff on Youtube..
    @Trybes — True . If we had the answer to that, if we could convince people to stop and think.. perhaps, it might make a difference..
    @Kafo — LOL.. I never knew of this song myself until very recently….Good to have a great father who is still plugged into your life.. Its an increasingly rare blessing!


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