With gratitude to ‘God’ for a life well spent, and with deepest sorrow and condolences to her survivors, I the undersigned wish to announce the passing away of our most loyal, productive and dearly beloved friend, helper, encourager and employee – the one and only Miss Eleganza Biro, which sad event occurred on the 15th of May 2009 after a brief illness.

Miss Biro assumed duties as examination biro at B &A on the 4th of December 2008 and presided over a very fruitful period of examinations, the highlight of which was improving average performance by over 60% year on year. In recognition of such stellar performance, she was promptly elevated to the position of Biro-at-large, one she held until her recent untimely death.

Miss Biro will be forever remembered at B&A not only for her stellar performance, but also for her charitable and amiable manners and her commitment to mentorship which endeared her to all and sundry.

A memorial mass will be held at the Temple of Fire and Brimstone on the 31st of May immediately following which her body will be cremated and spread all over the exam halls of NU as a tribute to the scene of her greatest exploits.

Chief (Dr) Professor, Danny BaGucci.  FIMechE, FIEEE, FASME, OFR, CFR, CON, JP. (Executive Director)
For the Company

20 thoughts on “Obsequies?

  1. lol. I sure hope there's a song playing in the background while this breaking news is announced. You forgot to write the survived by….

    chief dr, professor, engineer, native dr emeritus……FFF, MMM, HIV, SDP, NRC, CON…..naija, I tire


  2. @TigEress — LOL… First on here then.. Nice.. Thanks for stopping by.. May her soul RIP truly!

    @funms the rebirth — LOL… Hopefully, the new hires she was mentoring will deliver similar levels of success in Mya/June!

    @Scarlet — LOL. That's the only thing we can do for the deceased…

    @naijagirl — Hmm.. Very true, she had to be survived by someone with a list of titles as long as my arm in the first instance.. And the music in the background.. Very true…

    @JustDoyin — Ahh.. The Executive Director is Nigerian, and subscribes to that particularly Nigerian ethos of listing all your acheivements!

    @Undercover07 –LOL… Very true.. Mama Reynolds needs to be unearthed – Esp cos she's next of kin!


  3. I have a friend you should meet. Her name is Modupe Fountain. She go neva die, you simply have to carry small blood transfusion for regular life saving treatment. Also careful she no bleed over important papers. But at least she no need death ceremony 😉


  4. @LoloBloggs – LOL.. Very true… She's on the new shortlist!

    @Rita — LOL.. Seriously considering offers from Mama Reynolds and Modupe Fountain.. Will do a n aptitude test by mid June…

    @Rose — LOL… She will be missed..

    @Original Mgbeke — Abi O…. No wahala she will sleep wel knowing you were deeply touched by her demise.

    @Writefreak — LOL.. Still deciding.. Only a shortlist just yet..

    @Rene — Ah.. U did? Classic example of why we sholdn't let the sun set on our anger.. Err… Is Ms Pentel looking for a job then?


  5. Danny, i don't know. Biro's health (or non-health) status is of no interest to me. Something else is: the Biro i knew was MARRIED; so what's all this "Miss Biro" affair?


  6. @kay9 — LOL.. I dunno abt that bruv… All I know is Biro has given up the ghost
    @fantasy queen — Last tiem I checked, they still did.. Maybe not any more tho.. I wuldn't know..
    @Pink-Satin… Yeah…. Thanks for stopping by..


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