24 thoughts on “On….. Sustainable Development

  1. grammar full berekete and as I no dey understand too much grammar by this time, I had to read it couple of times to get it.
    the powers that we have as human…..endless, we just ought to find them and tap into them. We have the ability, but are we accessing our ability, are we working on our potentials or below potentials

    I can do whatever I wanna do…..


  2. Apparently humanity does not have the ability to sustain development without compromising the future generations. but maybe if you thought about it we could but maybe we won't.


  3. Should sustainability be measured collectively for all people in all societies of the world, or should it be measured in terms of individual countries?

    It's not clear over what period of time the needs of future generations should be considered and measured. In theory, society's long-term needs should be recognised. However, governments and companies are likely to plan over much shorter time scales. Therefore, it might be difficult determining when exactly d needs of future generations may be put at risk.


  4. loaded statement…will be good for leaders in every capacity to read and imbibe this…

    all d best with ur exams…remember to aknowledge the source, if u do use this quote in ur exams, so u don't get accused of plagiarism…lol


  5. If we do have the capability for that we aren't really doing a good job at the moment!!

    How are exams? You will write plenty in Jesus Name! Amen! You will find new theories and have spare time at the end of each paper to double check! Amen!


  6. Danny, i think you should forward it to the just sworn-in governor of Ekiti State. Might make him think twice of what his actions of the past weeks portend for his grandchildren.


  7. sustainable development
    we human have along long way to go.
    i think we are living for now, nobody is thinking of tomorrow,
    they all think the generation coming will solve it.


  8. @NaijaGirl – LOL @ grammar berekekete.. Just quoted the report verbatim though…We do need to tap into those powers we have. True.
    @Kafo – Classic case in point – energy vs environment.. Very true..
    @Rita – I couldn’t agree more.
    @poeticallytinted – I think its more a case of us not wanting to, than us not being able to..
    @Crazythots – Very true.. Guess there are different levels to it, depending on the level of abstraction – personal, local govt, national govt and globally
    @Readydee – Hmm. Maybe sustainability is measured in the ability of technology to reproduce itself.. Like if we cut down a tree today, what measures are in place to get it replaced for the future generations.. Valid points too on the time scale..


  9. @TigEress – I’m good, not done yet.. Start the final batch of exams on Monday next week..
    @Confessions of a London Gal – Yes o.. 4 more days!!!
    @JustDoyin – Thanks a million.. Will def acknowledge the source if I need to..
    @Caramel Delight — *Smiling* your *prophetic prayers* remind me of days of yore….
    @Enkay – True.. Maybe we need to localize it – What does sustainable development mean for us in Nigeria – to make it relevant I Guess
    @Rayo – LOL.. I wish.. If they would listen that is..


  10. @Kay9 – LOL.. Very apt… Nice blog you got yourself.. Hopefully you are less distant in the near future right?
    @Pink-Satin – Eyaah.. Pele..
    @optimistic_alyzzz – Guess the default behavioral pattern if the individual is instant gratification, without thought to the long term ramifications of today’s actions
    @Standtall-The Activist – Very true.. Thanks for stopping by.. Greatly honoured!
    @Ms. SpicyTee – LOL.. Plenty grammar ke?
    @Disguised feelings – Yay.. Yu sneaked back in or what? Thanks for stopping by…


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