The Promise

I promised you I would wait,
All those many years ago.
Alas my steely resolve is faint,
And my strength is all but gone.

The space I meant for you alone,
I’ve somehow rented out for lust.
Things I should tell you alone,
I’ve muttered to ears in throes of lust

Images of you, once crystal clear,
Have blurred with time to rusty flakes.
The flames of love you once inspired,
Have somehow being replaced by fakes.

Today I promise you again,
To wait for you, come rain or shine.
To let no image your place to take
Even if my soul does pine

Please tell me there’s a place in yr heart to forgive,
A second chance by grace to give.

10 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. @Leggy/ Today's Ranting: Zoe is an objectification of the future ONE.. Not a real person as we speak.. LOL. I deleted the contents of the other blog so its empty for now. Will unolck it when I have something posted. Thanks for stopping by


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