Absurd? Or maybe its ‘Just Fine’….

Found this news story on the daily telegraph… Apparently in the relatively quiet backwaters of Sunderland, a certain Mr and Mrs Cartwright could potentially face jail term over violation of an anti-social behavior order.. The crime?  Noise making of a curious kind! If only I could get them to sort out the French flatmate I have who persists in bothering my celibate ears every two weeks, that would be just fine!!!!

Read the full story here.

20 thoughts on “Absurd? Or maybe its ‘Just Fine’….

  1. U serious? Wish that's how it in the south side of Chicago- when some riff-raffs were blasting music 2am in the alley.

    But they too should 'reduce' the volume of their love making- no?


  2. for a "partially deaf" neighbour to hear her, and for sound recordings 2have been taken even from behind "sound-proof" walls; they must be reeaally loud…n I think the asbo is in order (no pun intended)…


  3. I'm quite certain that no embargo exists,that prevents a show of affection of any kind…But sometimes you need to put into consideration your neighbours sanity and comfort…



  4. Nna na wa o
    Wonders for oyinbo -man land

    But I guess they mut have really been making so much noise
    people shoudl learn to respect thier neightbours sanity
    and sorry about your 'french flatmate' Brother DB the Lord protect your ears 🙂 In Jesus name!


  5. LMHO!!!
    And they've been married for twenty four years (impressive)!!!
    Are the neighbours new or are they new to the neighbourhood?
    anyways…sunderland council you go find somethingt to do jo…mschew!!!
    P.S Asper your french flat mate…just hit the door very anytime they start, if that doesn't work,put your music player right in front of there door and increase it to the loudest…and I'm serious…either of the two will work!!!


  6. People have got way too much time on their hands. I reckon you should take your "French" flatmate to court as well. That will make for a wonderful headline.lol


  7. @RocNaija — LOL.. Quite possibly…… Or merely taking the letter of the law a wee bit too far?
    @ Cappuchine baby — Meself tire o… But I wouldn't mind if they apply it to my French dude next door!
    @ TigEress — LOL… Maybe you could start a campaign for your local rep to take it to the state house or whatever you call it where you 're at.. LOL….
    @ Phoenix.. LOL. Maybe….Or maybe it was just beefing!
    @ JustDoyin — LOL… Hopefully the neighbours are being truthful…. Hmmmm
    @Rose — Rosie — This ya grammar ehn……. Are you Doug's sister???? Valid point though.
    @ Olufunke — LOL… Oyinbo get time sha o….. Who send you for Naija? Amen to your prayer o….. Make things no go ruff….
    @ Nan akua – LOL.. Will seriously consider that, if it continues much more…
    @ NoLimit – LOL.. Nice one.. Will try the music one.. That should let them know I mind the sound of the rumpus!
    @Kafo — My sentiments exactly…. LOL….Suely there are more serious hodlums that require policing?
    @Nice Anon — LOL.. I can imagine. NIgerian student takes French dude and Chinese girl to court over excessive noise making! Hmmmmm


  8. well, we def need this law in Naija! if it's only for the churches and mosques that insist on friday night vigils in residential areas…mchew. I love God, don't get me wrong.

    lol @ ur flatmate…pele dear


  9. @miz-cynic — maybe.. dunno… But they should be celebrated a bit considerinig this is the'ir 25th year together!
    @smaragd — LOL. .. Thank you jare.. Mehn.. maybe the solution for Nigeria is to plan residential areas properly and have places of worship in less instrusive areas?
    @BSNC — LOL.. Of ocurse.. Only that they seemed to take it a tad bit too far…. Haba.. Na only dem???
    @Have you any wool — Maybe its evolution, or maybe its – de-evolution?
    @Omo Oba – LOL.. Maybe she does… LOL…


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