Live in Las Gidi

well……. db is live in las gidi after much! thankfully the peeps @ mtn reactivated my contract, so i’m good to roll…albeit intermittently via a USB connection between my lappie and my phone! now i need to locate ‘mama put’ for some piping hot amala and ewedu soup…

keep those questions for the 29th rolling in..looking very interesting already…..

cheers peeps!

34 thoughts on “Live in Las Gidi

  1. awwwwwwwwwww
    How goes it? I am so glad u are safe men. Please keep safe ok. Oh and may I still turn in some questionsssss. and yes the many ss implies beaucoup de questions.


  2. Ahn ahn B'cup? wetin? mscheeewww….
    @Bumight, what do you mean looserpool – mscheeeeww?
    @JDB, that God for journey mercies. I tried dialling MTN on my fone but to no avail……. LOL


  3. It looks like i am top 10 sha, cod B'Cup has really buttered this page! lol

    S'up Danny boy? Lagos dey sweet you?
    No 4get our agreement o say u go bring one mama put to come London to dey cook for me. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Plenty plenty pictures and plenty plenty wedding gist


  4. Okay, we might as well leave the page for you and Butter to carry on with your conversation. ptschewwwww!

    Ehen about that amala joint. Contact me for the latest! There's one in Ikeja. Inside the police barracks. Don't ask me how i found it sha. lol.


  5. @Buttercup — LOL.. I need to find a programmer to write a top comenters widget for this blog….
    @L-VII — Yup, I think so. I miss my broadband connection though!
    @Nice Anon – -Almost done, kindly supply a charge code and a delivery address, and we'll be in business…LOL
    @Temite — LOL.. Of course I'm safe! Don't listen too much to what the likes of CNN and the BBC say.. Afterall people still live and work in the creeks!
    @Just Toluwa — Thanks…. Definitely staying safe.
    @bumight — I plan to have real fun with my peeps.. Err.. you didn't have to throw in the Liverpool thing did you???
    @Kafo — True — He's great.. I'm definitely looking to stay in one piece
    @AbujaMaiden.. LOL….. Your own time will coe too…Hehehehehe
    @Ochuko — Don't mind Buttercup jare…..YNWA.. Ahh.. MTN don block your line? Sowrry o!
    @Confessions – Not sure of pictures.. Weddinng gists… you bet….including an exclusive with the bride and the groom soon after……..
    @poeticallytinted — really, that would be a good place to start methinks.


  6. err..DB. sorry about Lillypool. You guys got whipped. It goes around that comes around..

    I will inbox u my no. Give me a shout when u are free..I will show my side of gidi. Welcome home, hombre!


  7. hmmm… Mama Puts can be dangerous… think typhoid fever.. im sure you'll be careful.
    have a great time in Lagos. i wish I'd taken more pictures when I was there the last time but next time I definitely will.
    Have a happy Easter


  8. hope your enjoying your trip? πŸ™‚

    glad to hear you landed safely , so you there for holiday ?

    what is thaat usb thing like ? mtn right? hpw much was it ? is it pay as you go ?

    take care


  9. hahaha endless generator….the I rich pass my neighbor type.
    Danny, I'm glad to know you havent disappeared in the creek side. abeg stay out of trouble oo, and try to catch some fun.


  10. @dante — lol @ lillypool.. Key issues is we are piutting in a credible challenge for the Premiership.. which is more than your peeps are doing methinks
    @ochuko — methinks i sent u a message — holla if you can
    @diamond hawk – First time here I think.. Thanks for stopping by.. Will def take cognizance of your advice
    @Miss FlyHigh — First time here for you too I think.. Thanks for stopping by.. Its a holiday plus i need to attend two key weddings…I reactivated my old MTN contract.. Seems like the dudes still have me o n pay as you go tarrifs.. Seriously considering switching to Starcomms or Visafone
    @NaijaGirl — LOL I'm sure I still have enuf razness to avoid dissapearing into the creeks
    @NE — LOL.. Done
    @GoodNaijaGirl — Yup.. definitely planning to enjoy myself.. Thanks for stopping by..


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