A Final lyrical response to… ‘The scathing sonnet’

Minerva in all her dainty, god-like, grandeur failed to walk,
On the slippery inclines you choose to run.
Buxom Efik Princesses turned tail and baulked,
But you bashfully refuse away to turn.

Like Polaris oblivious to the lure of southern skies,
Unfazed by the heady fumes that rise so high,
I refrain in spite of many tries,
From Cupid’s fiery barbs which doth truly fly.

Shall you, o little lady, proceed?
Where others of ilk more intense have floundered?
Shall your sultry charms succeed?
Where others of great skill have turned and surrendered?

Let Time be the Judge if you will titillate
Or else your best charms shall only irritate.

36 thoughts on “A Final lyrical response to… ‘The scathing sonnet’

  1. Danny, Hmmm i see temite has gotten to you….will she succeed? only time will tell hey?temite: we need to have a sister to sister talk…lol


  2. O ga o! This is some serious shakesparean flirting right here. Me I don't want FBA to shekpe for me o. u 2 are on ur own.Nice one, tho!


  3. sometimes I wonder what you're doing in engineering. you're more suited to the arts, I think. your poem is nice – really. is it about Temite?


  4. @Blogoratti — LOL @ intrigues… Now that Polaris metaphor.. even I had to admit it was onpoint!@poeticallytinted.. Looks like Innie failed to deliver.. Need to upgrade that dude (ab na she sef)@Writefreak — Thankfully a truce has being called… Phew! Was getting heated in here..@Temite — Shake hands on it.. Peace out..@Scarlet — I'm flattered.. Much thanks..@Nefertiti — Slightly dissapointed… You should side with family, irrespective of threats! *Goes away pouting*@buttercup — my exact sentiments..@dante — u would be in on the gist if anything were happening, we've called a truce BTW.@BSNC — LOL @ freekick with words.. Said in a manner reminiscent of a true Hall Two chica@justdoyin — Naw…..called a truce already..@NiceAnon — Flattered.. Thanks@Kafo — called a truce already.. too bad for the conspiracy theories@readydee — welll… i'm still trying to convince myself I'venot blown it just yet…


  5. … Hmm hmm hmm…DB see how u r using words to caress our ears and excite our other senses…lol. I really wonder as well, wetin u go find for Engineering abeg?


  6. Checked out Temite's blog- did u guys really meet? if so, interesting. How did that go? I havent met any bloger in person yet.As for dis ur poen- e get as e bi. Had to read more than once. 🙂


  7. "Buxom Efik Princesses turned tail and baulked,But you bashfully refuse away to turn " …… am loving those choice word…. quite grand


  8. God please help me o!I need to read this poem again and again to understand itNna, NO comment!Safe trip to Naija…..and hope you enjoy your time there.


  9. @UnderCover07 — LOL @ using words to caress our ears and excite our other senses that is imagery so sublime even I couldn't come up with it! Thanks for your kind words!@Tigress — Nope — only 'met' on blogger.. Still yet to meet any bloggers per se… I fully intend to keep it that way! For a small fee, I can excite Dante's senses to begin to perform! LOL@Just Toluwa — Not sure what an e-flower is o……LOL @ yr attempts to reignite conflicts.. We've shaken e-hands over it and its firmly behind us.@Nana Akua — LOL….. That line of all lines…….Efik Princesses are renowned for being titillatingly voluptuos!@Olufunke — Hahaha…. Why don't I believe you? I have a nagging belief that if u tried your hand on this you would far excel us all@Caramel Delight — LOL.. Already packed, and updated the spreadsheet to reflect completion status……


  10. @Caramel Delight — Wetin man go do now? I can't pay all that money only to find out that I forgot something o!@M — LOL.. unfortunately, the agbero sent emissaries to seek a truce, and i the everly magnanimous Don, acceoted..LOL@Rose — Yup, I think so too..@Tigress — We'll need to discuss that in camera.. since Dante's my dude, I'm willing to offer a significant discount@poeticallytinted — awww.. too ad.. maybe some voice recognitiion sftware is needed at yours?@Farida — Thanks, Thanks@Neema — Thanks..@Omo Oba — LOL @ Soyinkas — I'm only hacking it.. Soyinka is legend!@Debbie — LOL.. Thanks a bunch — Here's hoping you become a regular!


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