Risposta Ad Una Sfida – A response….

Totally beserk she plies her trade,
Enchantingly verbose, weaving her tirades.
Mired in Nigeria, books became her fad.
Inspired blocks of verse, besmirching her façade.
Titillating? No mark that a charade.
Enchantingly refreshing, she makes the music fade.

39 thoughts on “Risposta Ad Una Sfida – A response….

  1. i haven't been first anywhere for a whole century lol.Look at you teasing us with your words, nice…actually very nice.Right am off to eat lunch, excel spreadsheets always make me hungry. Have a nice day mr man.


  2. DB!you don come again o!I am sure you know some people no too understand English.Besides, who she be? wetin she dey do for Ilesha? wetin she dey trade? …enchanting, verbose, besmirching, titillating, tirades…….Chineke!I am not sure even a thesaurus would help me hereI'm with confessions of a London gal…speak in English jo


  3. Now let's see…Maybe about a girl?????Who happens to love books…and the idea of gaining more knowledge??Or better still…maybe this isn't what we think it is???"charade"Dude…i'm semi-lost…Shed more light please… :)Let me have another go…um…when you are with her…all sounds cease to exist…If i catch you eh??


  4. This is about Temite, obviously! Illesha, Tittilating… no brainer- it's gotta be her. Do I sense an e-crush btw u both? ;)* At temite. You are luck I'm a christian and don't want to commit adultery o. u know DB is mine, but I forgive u. At least, he's still in the family 😉


  5. Title is a challenge no brainer there. rest of it sounds like a disease with a pretty appearance STD carrrying sex worker but where the hell does ilesha come into itOh my Head.


  6. Title is a challenge no brainer there. rest of it sounds like a disease with a pretty appearance STD carrying sex worker but where the hell does ilesha come into itOh my Head.


  7. Hun?!! You know what JustDB, ur geekiness and nerdy ways is sexy sha. Do u talk financial market as well- cos that would just get me aroused! lol!


  8. @wordmerchant — thanks….@Temite — LOL…. Buried the hatchet now aight?@Confessions – LOL. Not quite but I've got one in my drafts!@Olufunke –LOL.. Next post will answer the questions@MY — Awwww — acepte mis condolencias@Rose — Hmm.. You know too much english for a medical doctor o…@BSNC — Not quite, kind close tho@Just Doyin/aloted — LOL.. Interpreted already@GNG — Looks at????@Repressed one — unfortunately this is a low buget operation no prizes t give this time@NoLimit — true — without out the too much@Naijagirl — Thanks.


  9. @Blogoratti — Delivered now…@Kitten — LOL.. I'm flattered@Nefertiti — No wonder we are family. You too sharp sha!!!!@Mayii – Not quite that graphic, but you get the drift!@Kafo — Lol.. Next time@RocNaija — on't worry bro.. Already served it out!@Tigress — If I weren't incredibly loyal to Dante, I might have taken u up on this but….. Dante na my guy!


  10. @readydee — LOL…. Maybe its crazy in a way?@poeticallytinted — Yup.. words.. have the ability to provoke a multi-dimensional repsonse – intellectual, visceral or otherwise!


  11. Ehm…. xplain pls!!!I'm not gonna try to figure out the challenge. I just wanna know how to get you to reveal the challenge.Pray, do tell, Danny!!


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