On ‘Normative Determinism’……..and rebranding Nigeria!

I was talking to a couple of elderly peeps back in 9ja a few weeks ago and the case of a son who seems to be intent on self-destruction came up. The father opined that the chaps name might be part of the problem – his name is Ojo (I understand its given to a child whose birth was particularly difficult) and his moniker was Ojo-Jogbon (which seems to carry a connotation of a trouble maker). I decided, just for the fun of it to see what research had been carried out on the subject, and was shocked to discover a whole body of knowledge exists on it – aptly called normative determinismOchuko blogged about his name and its meaning, as did justdoyin’s post where a Noel Gist was talking about rumours!

Apparently not only are there implications for the individual’s happiness and success (people with surnames from the beginning of the alphabet were more successful than those from the end), there was a correlation between the words spelled out by initials and the age of death (men with positive initials eg A.C.E lived approximately four and a half years longer than those which spelled negative words eg D.I.E;  for women it was three years).  In fact people with names of diseases often contacted them such as a Tonsilitis Jackson and his brother Meningitis. An unofficial study seems to suggest that even people’s love lives and their perception of hotness can be affected by the name they bear! (Baroque and Princessa any one?)

Maybe Doug has the peculiar honor of fathering the first blogsville e-baby because he added Hot to his moniker, or indeed Bumight’s win came about as a result of selecting the name Kolawole for the soon to be born e-baby! Quite possibly  I am perceived as more intelligent than I really am because my moniker is Daniel and Nefertiti is generally considered a hard woman because of the connotations around her moniker.  Pray tell me what associations can be drawn with a moniker like Charizard (burning things?)

Other interesting facts:  you are more likely to get spam e-mail if you are Anna or Andrew as opposed to if you’re Zack or Zoe.  Even cows, have gotten in on the act, Ermintrude, Daisy and La vache qui rit may produce as much as 454 pints more each year than cows with no names.

Maybe Professor Dora and co need to borrow a leaf from this study and expand the scope of the re-branding program to include a detailed study of the etymological roots of the name Nigeria, or even that of Baba Yar’,  just in case it’s his ‘bad luck’ that is keeping Nigeria behind!

I no talk anything o!!!!!

54 thoughts on “On ‘Normative Determinism’……..and rebranding Nigeria!

  1. how can u claim first on your own blog
    na wa ooooooo

    hmmm as names go
    is this for real or u are just making things up, i mean the whole spam thing seems legit but death and disease names and the whole Ojo thing



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