3 years on.. The Journey…

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my first ever blog post. What started off as an anger induced journey on my old blog-city blog(which was deleted when blog-city stopped being free)in 2006 has since evolved into a more serene take on life and the attendant twists and turns it brings to the random thoughts of a weird 9ja dude. To celebrate, I’ve decided upon due consultation, to hold a Blogference – a la Vera, where I get to answer any questions you care to ask. Whilst I cannot guarantee an answer to any and every question, I will do my best to provide an answer within the confines of two conditions – that the answers do not compromise my already tenuous grip on anonymity nor will they require me to compromise any other person’s anonymity. I expect to be able to do a post on the 29th of April (when my first extant blogger post was posted) to answer them. Questions may be asked via comments to this post or by email to raz9ijaboi@yahoo.co.uk .

Special shout-outs for the following peeps for making a difference by doing their thing.

CalabarGal : My first ever commenter on my now defunct drjax blog – she’s since quit blogging actively.

Miss Opeke: My blogger ‘mentor’…You’ve still not suceeded in making me a Rascal Flats fan. I hope you kept an XML of your old blog, cos if it all went down like that its a real big shame!

Lolar’s Blog – the first and only person I succeeded in convincing of the therapeutic effects of blogging…She’s also since turned tail and fled.

ButterCup of the sweet and fiery duo — My first ever serial commenter. Its not for nothing that you did sit atop my list at the old place. And you do make sense…Believe me!

Hot Doug —The consumate ‘belcher’. Plus we share a love for C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens and some other things. The only snag is he has refused to do a DB through my bespectacled eyes post – now that would be perfect.

Naughty Eyes – who tagged me for my first ever meme…. You’ll never know how getting to do that meme told me I’d finally belonged! Err the current slew of Memes on my inbox will have to be tackled in future. Can’t keep up with them now…

ChxtaBee & Madam SSD’s Nigerian Curiousity Blog: Whose different take on life and politics almost changed the way I view the world.. Still an armchair politician but you peeps rock.

Dabizniz – Thanks for sharing your story – You modelled for me in real terms how men need to get on with life – Knuckle down and do what needs to be done – palatable or not!

Funms – the rebirth – The forthright way you blog about your Journey reminds me of my littlest sister (I don’t mean you’re little o) … Keep sharing the journey….Trust me it will count for something in the end..

Jaycee/TERC /BBG/Rita/Chi-Chi/Debbie/Remi: I read these blogs sometimes I feel as though God parted the curtains and spoke to me.  If we could get y’all to update on successive days, we’d not need any devotionals!.

Big Sis Neffie’ – LOL…. U make sense in your own way.. That’s all I’ll say on that…And I did have to read this post thrice. Not sure I understood it eventually! Now if you could replace that ‘annoying little brother DB’ moniker with something less irksome, that would be perfect. Thank you very much.

Vera – for bringing rib cracking humor every three days.. awesome! Err I hear Verastic is the mumu version of Vera?

GoodnaijaGirl – I’ve learnt to also laugh at myself – Priceless.

Confessions – Even a shrink needs a shrink. And you delivered. Thanks.

To all the organizers of the NBA09 awards — you guys rock, for everyone who nominated me, thanks.. You convinced me blogging made sense.

And to the whole bunch of newer e-friends that I have made, if I listed each of you i’d simply have to rehash the entire list from the NBA awards page! You’ve made blogging a full 2 hour a day job! I wonder how I’d keep up when I get my day job back!

To the anonymous readers – Dee & Mimz  – and the others I don’t know – like the dude from Upsala, thanks for stopping by my world.. but hey show some love by commenting aight?

P.S. I’ve asked a number of the newer peeps I read to do one post on here in the spirit of supporting newbies. PLEASE show them some love when they do!!!

55 thoughts on “3 years on.. The Journey…

  1. congrats o!

    thank God i am not late for my question- as a teeenager did u give into peer pressure e.g smoking, sleeping around etc. looking back on your own experiences how can a young man/teenager handle peer pressure in this day and age. imagine you as a father trying to raise up ur son to handle peer pressure

    i dunno where that question came from 🙂


  2. Congrats man! So FINALLY, after stumbling on blogger like forever I finally get to check out your new house eh?
    3 YEARS! Woah! And I thought my 1 was something…
    You know, I used to wonder how come you hit 50+ comments per post. Now I know the tricks: Offer sound advice and hang on in there for 3 years.
    Shout-out to me? I should be shouting out to YOU!
    Thanks anyway, and all these beautiful blogville chicas have paid you all the compliments so no more room for my mushy sturvs…


  3. Questions:
    1. How come a smart, well read dude like you is still single?
    2. Why do good girls love bad guys?
    3. Any connections with the Mafia?
    4. With the rate oil prices dwindle nowadays, any future in the Petroleum industry?
    5. Need your advice on a future course of study: Geophysics or Software Engineering (which has a brighter future a.k.a. more money)?
    6. Has there been any time you've been tempted to say, "Aw, sod it!" and walked out on Blogville?
    7. What is so addictive about Soccer video games even after we have played all the teams and won all the virtual tournaments (considering I actually dislike the sport in real life)?
    8. Is there any need saving the world?
    9. Should I ask more questions?


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