On being so predictable….

“You really are so predictable”, she said,
One hazy African harmattan day
Remiss for words, all I could do was peer,
Through horn rimmed glasses; hand me downs they were
From father, who had it from his father, my grandfather.
A legacy of Lugard’s Nigeria.

You see I’m from another time,
An age when email was not the norm,
When people talked at the village square.
And drank and sang, and danced till their feet were sore.
And fathers, spoke with sons, as did their very own fathers..
A legacy of years gone by

Spontaneity, pray tell me what that is,
Is it a hundred tweets saying “I love you”,
Or two hundred facebook pokes a day,
Or is it more like thoughtful gifts, special times
Spent dancing in the sun?

18 thoughts on “On being so predictable….

  1. Predictable is good @ least you know hat you are getting…her loss</></>As for what is love these days I miss the days of letter writing… facebook pokes, wall msgs, twitter, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, gmail chat, skype, text, IMing…phew let me take a break…if someone sends me a msg via pigeon carrier or morse code THATS different and definitely not predictable LOL


  2. Ahn are you serious? </>Don't mind her jo…Forming spontaneous babe…She had better find that her spontaneous person oh…Meanwhile keep blogging, looks like you'll be good at it 🙂


  3. @Blogoratti: LOL. Thx. will keep blogging. Thx for stopping by.
    @Chari:True – poison and meat depend on the perspective
    @Lolia: LOL. I hope so. Thx for stopping by


  4. i understand the predctable stuff….sometimes its good and sometimes it gets really boringggg!!but i love the poem thpug.thanks for stopping by my blog!


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