Reflecting….. Three Ideas for Life

Over the past few days, the transience of life has been brought very forcibly to the forefront of my mind.  Maybe it’s the new streak of grey in my beard, or the news of yet another young acquaintance who is no more, or it’s the startling realization that the kids who were born the year I completed undergrad study are all knocking on the door of their teenage years…. The various random thoughts coursing daily through my head have agglomerated around three key concepts – Cogitation, Connection and Contribution.

Every system has its laws, its rules of engagement if you like, that govern the interactions between the elements thereof. Classical mechanics obeys Newton’s Laws of motion, planetary motion accedes to Kepler’s laws and Computational fluid dynamics agrees with the Navier-Stokes equations. Life, also has laws that govern it – sowing and reaping, absolute standards of good and evil and the like. The difference between a rigid body and a human being is the power to choose. To achieve long term success in life, we need to identify these laws (by deeply pondering them) and choose to align with them. Consider the first idea for life as an invitation to cogitate on the axioms of life.

Whilst each life is different in its specifics, the same basic issues crop up – relationships, careers, hurts in the past, trepidation about the future and the like. I would aver, that no matter how complex a situation appears to be, it is amenable to the relentless massaging that breaks it up into manageable bits. Consider the second idea for life as an invite to collaborate globally.  Read books, talk to people, use the internet.  It is more likely than not someone somewhere has had the same or similar issue and you can glean ideas to help you tide over your own specific situation.

We live in a real world – specific people that we see and relate to. Consider the third idea as an invitation to contribute locally. Each experience we go through adds to or subtracts from us – knowledge, toughness and possibly the ability to empathize with someone else in our real worlds. We need to contribute to the lives in our world as opportunties present themselves. We do not need to wait for the mega outreach to an impoverished African country to make a difference. Do it for the person next door who is hurting. As you learn by doing it on a small scale, opportunties for larger scale contributions will come.

May I offer you a tagline: Think Truly, Collaborate globally and contribute locally.

On this day that Jade Goody passed on, David’s prayer in Psalm 90:12 reverberates in my head.

So teach us to number our days, that we might apply our heart to wisdom…..

46 thoughts on “Reflecting….. Three Ideas for Life

  1. firsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    yes yes… i am doing the free wheeler and helicopter dance………………….yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    i am feeling naughty
    i am just feeling like that dude who was beside the river waiting for a miracle.. i have been stalking y'all all day and it just paid off…


  2. Kai, DB, this is very deep. And true too. Do you know how much i have learnt from every blog i have gone through here? It is so funny but all of them make so much sense. I learn from other people's experiences without necessarily going through them. This way, I am saved the pain of going through them. Can you Imagine a global world without the internet? Ideas and information will be locked up inside people.
    Contributing locally is very essential. That is why God put us in our various communities. Contributing locally is bound to make differences, no doubt. By the time you help the dude next door, he helps another and there is a ripple effect, and that is it.
    Thank you DB…so so deep.


  3. No better way to start a new week. 3 key life points.
    I'm learning a lot. A lot of times, we tend to overlook the importance of "doing it for the person next door..on a small scale..and then large doors will open"
    This is seed!!


  4. It's amazing how death seems to always bring out the sobriety in people..
    Makes you think a bit more about what really counts and what the price to pay to achieve it is..
    An introspective post..


  5. @dante — true you were so first…Contributing locally is key to trnslating our cold sterile dogma into a living real world faith.
    @confessions – i hope she rests in peace too…. yes –life's serious business and occasionally some seriousness needs to be injected into the mirth we try to surround ourselves with…
    @writefreak — that is so serious a prayer….
    @exschoolnerd– needed more control over idividual posts as protection from my snooping stalkers.I really hope her boys can bear the loss…..
    @ochuko — true talk bro.. despise not the days of humble beginings it says in the book!
    @rocnaija — death puts the transcience of life in the proper focus methinks….


  6. Didnt know Jade had passed away. May her soul rest in peace. 😦

    DB, as for your blog. I like- rather deep. I'm yet to blog about it, but i'm glad i finally got to speak to my dad before he passed away. I pray God will give him long life so that i shall see him face-to-face.


  7. This is beautiful, DB. It resonated strongly with me.

    Think Truly, Collaborate globally and contribute locally.

    I do like it.

    I only learned of who Jade Goody was on wiki…wow. May she rest in peace.


  8. this post is mirroring my thoughts at the moment..exactly….and u cudnt have written it any better..

    may she rest in sad.. 😦

    btw, u've made me fall in love with that song o, i've listened to it like 100 times between yesterday and today! "yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu'll neeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooooone…"

    imagine a red devil singing this song..damn, ABOMINATION!


  9. @Tigress — Yes o.. She passed away in the wee hours of the morning from what I hear…Good to know about your Dad.. What you have to do, do quickly!
    @GoodNaijaGirl — Thanks — Its just the summation of a number of thoughts that had been running amok in my head all week. The Jade Goody thingn just brought it all together I guess
    @Buttercup — Thanks.. LOL @ you singing YNWA!!! Its not for nothing that it the most recognizable football song in the world…. U sure you're not a closet Liverpool fan? Glad u liked it…


  10. awwww, so Jade passed away? may her soul rest in perfect peace. amen. very true post but while i was reading it, i felt as though you were saying goodbye. you're not are you? cos i just discovered you. lol


  11. @Ochuko..LOL..@ in the spirit…
    @Buttercup — Easy o….na small small na..
    @Fanny — LOL @ almost halted for your disctionary…. I’m flattered.. Thanks for stopping by.
    @MissLove.. Thx.. Thx for stopping by..
    @Bibi — No.. not saying goodbye.. just taking time out to reflect on more serious matters…
    @BSNC — Thanks…


  12. @Kafo — WOW … Like a sage? Coming from you, its got to be one of the greatest compliements I 've received in a while. Thanks for stopping by.. Glad you liked it….


  13. This was awesomely deep. I mean u always are, but this post is on another level. I especially like

    We need to contribute to the lives in our world as opportunties present themselves. We do not need to wait for the mega outreach to an impoverished African country to make a difference. Do it for the person next door who is hurting. As you learn by doing it on a small scale, opportunties for larger scale contributions will come.

    *Walks away thinking, she HAS to publish her post on Africa*


  14. hmmmmmmmm
    Are u training to be the next "Soyinka"? Dude this was DEEP men. Vewy deep. And you are right, of course. But then again If you are the only one contributing, dont you think you contribute in vain. Its like dropping a single drop of goodwill into the vast abyss of evil in the world will make no difference. The guy next door you are being nice to may end up being a serial killer that will kill you the next day and eat with relish your poor lovely pink toes. HAve you considered that? Anyways I think I am sleep deprived. Have a lovely day!


  15. @Nefertiti — Thanks.. I'm honored that u think so…Waiting on that post too…
    @Temite — Naw… Soyinka is on a whole different level, I could never compete even if i had 300 years i think.. Whilst contributing locally might not make a difference globally, it does make a difference for the one person who is impacted. Viruses spread one person at a time…. True the guy next door may be a serial killer, but would NOT making a difference for him keep him off one's case? I'd think not….


  16. The Don at his very best . . . Think truly, Collaborate globally and contribute locally . . . deep taglines you got here. It's definitely not enough to sit on the fence and watch other people do things. We should leave our footprints as well, whether or not they have the desired effect. WE just never know, our very ideas might one day change the world. Wao, I never knew Jade Goody was gone. . . I'll go check out this news.


  17. DB, na real wa for you o!
    You have started with your big big grammar, remember that some of us no too go school ( be breaking it down small, small PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE).
    You wont believe I would need a dictionary to understand somethings you wrote 🙂

    This is very profound, I like your tag line, it sums up a lot…"Think Truly, Collaborate globally and contribute locally"

    And the death of someone always makes realities of life so clear…we see more the things that really matter most in life!
    Thanks for this


  18. Great post. We do not have to wait to do mega things like change the world, let us start from a small scale indeed. Good one, Danny.


  19. @Geebee — U flatter me.. If I had the ability to bluh I would…We CAN dare to dream that OUR ideas could one day change the world – one person at a time..
    @Farida — Thanks for stopping by. Have had issues commenting on your blog.. Dunno if its my Firefox or sthng else..
    @Olufunke — LOL…. Dictionary ke! Yes o.. the transcience of life put importance ini the right perspective methinks
    @Tigress — na wah for all these memes o….That makes three now.. Will get to do it someday, I promise..LOL
    @Original Mgbeke – Thanks… We really do not need to wait for sthng big….Was it Nike who popularized Just Do it?
    @NoLimit — Yes o… We need to take action on the stuff that we hear….


  20. @Cappuccinebaby — LOL…. had already replied the email tho..Hopefully this i snot another peek thru the curtains and then vamoosing…….
    @theekopost…. WOW.. Thanks a million for stopping by..


  21. @Caramel Delight — Temite raised a valid point that maybe in the overall scheme of things it doesn't make a difference.. But for the individual it does.. Try talking to the person who a moment of kindness made a difference for and the sheer look of rapturous joy will be all the convincing required.

    I've learned that actions are like viruses — if we can only get a critical mass to partake in it, it will make a difference eventually….


  22. @Buttercup — No mind me.. Na one strong vex matter start am.By the time I had done typing and posting, I'd simmered down considerably — so I just deleted it …Ah the therapeutic effects of blogging…. Willl do all the meme's that have piled up later today jo… Errr… u're supposed to be asleep o.. Abi no be so?


  23. Its more like your rant actually, that I feel somehow entitled to. come on…I am in a VEWY BORING class. The Dude is going on about nominal rates of tariff reduction. What do I care. Subsidies subsidies baybay. Ok sorry about this. sleep deprivation along with boredom is the culprit. Oh and writing this helps keep me awake. so really its like your civic duty of the day. Yay for you. XOXO.


  24. @Temite — Deleted…… Sowrry… The therapeutic effects of blogging took over immediately I'd posted so I took it down.. I managed to pack in more expletives in 5 sentences than I've used in my lifetime — well almost…..Real PG13 stuff! I'm simmered down now tho…. Should do a post abt the therapeutic effects of blogging soonish!

    Maybe imagining the kind of things I would have said shoud keep you awake…Hehehehehe…


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