Game Theory.. And the age old question of the comode seat…

Nefertiti’s Journal of an angry woman post a few weeks back raised the issue of comode seats and the age old flashpoint of dudes who do not lower it after use……. It reminded me of something I’d seen on the internet a whiles back, where an Indian Economist, Hammad Siddiqi, took Game Theory, and applied it to this problem…..

His conclusions? For dudes, leaving the seat down is an “inefficient operation” which provides the justification for them not wanting to do it, even if it takes a nano-second of their lives. For girls, its a “trembling hand perfect equilibrium”… ie they may assume that it will happen, but in reality it has a low probability of occurence……

If you fancy some analytical economics and some abstract mathematics, you can follow his analysis on the Science Creative Quarterly here.

20 thoughts on “Game Theory.. And the age old question of the comode seat…

  1. Can I say now that I hate game theory? Of all the theories available in organizational bahaviour, I chose Maslow so I wouldn't have to see this again. Now you make me look stupid…. Psheeeew! Nonsense…! More stupid u can apply it to commode theory ……. Sheesh!!!!


  2. I could put my own spin to the analysis and say females make a big deal out of the commode position 'cos they are anal retentive and cant help it, or men who forget to put the commode in the right way do so cos they are thinking of themselves….just me trying to cause trouble


  3. Hey Danny! Please wait, I haven't had my breakfast or even a cup of tea yet! I can't even begin to break down your post until I have rectified the above situation. Chai!


  4. My "Annoying lil bother- with a massive goatee" What in the world has putting down the toilet seat got to do with Behavioral science? Omo, just put down the darn seat…lol. How u been papi? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. @NaijaBabe — Oti o….. No hard feelings with the comode thingy….
    @Naijagirl – Lol.. Maybe that would count as the physiological side of the arguement
    @Bob -ij – Maybe u realized the nature of this "trembling hand perfect equilibrium" independently hence your position on this lol…
    @CaramelD -LOL — gotten your cup of tea yet?
    @Nefertiti – LOL…. The lil brother with the massive goatee thingy came in a fit of petulance….. Guess we were only trying to see what the most efficient "comode seat strategy" was….
    @Buttercup — You're not alone here..First found the article in 2007, not quite sure I've fully understood it yet anyways…
    @doug — lol…. its a mutual feeling…


  6. No amount of scientific bla bla will compensate for the feeling of seating on a toilet without the seat at 2am in the morning and the temperate -3!!!


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