An abandoned Bugatti…….and an Innovative Solution to the Credit Crunch…

An abandoned Bugatti has just been sold for £3million pounnds in the UK.. In the midst of the credit crunch somebori was able to cough out that amount of money… Hmmmm… All you peeps whose parents still have a 1986 Volkswagen Bettle, or a vintage 1975 Peugeout 404 saloon car, hold on to it.. Maybe in the year 2100, your great grand children could rake in a few million quid….. That is if global warming doesn’t wipe the planet by then…… More on that story here

This dude has devised an innovative solution to beating the credit crunch – turning his $67,000 dollar Porche into a mobile CV….Hmm… hopefully we’ll get to hear if he snags a job that can turn in at least the $700 he’ll need to restore the paint..LOL..

17 thoughts on “An abandoned Bugatti…….and an Innovative Solution to the Credit Crunch…

  1. Threes millions dollars???Nah mehn….for that piece of metal…now I know the end is near.Plus the porsche guy…STUPID! sORRY, So how is that meant to get him a job?


  2. @SpicyTee — Has the Temite/ Bumight bug bitten u too? lol
    @Jaycee — Meself tire for the guy o…..Surely if he can afford a $67k Porsche, his next pay check should be able to cover the $700 for the repainting..
    @Adia — While its not my real name, it sound very much like my real name which is……
    @Oyin — Thanks for stopping by..Nice blog u got yrself too.
    @Bunmmy/ Carol — Guess that's why they say neccesity is the mother of invention.. lol
    @NaijaBabe — Mehn, I will soon very much have to start a "Tagged Anonymous" group….. These tags ehn!!!!!
    @ Afrobabe — The chap probably wanted to try something diffrent.. lets hope it works for him…
    @Teeee — Lol.. missing the snow already?
    @Funms — Guess not every one has the same sources of income…. Quite possibly the car might have sold for 6 – 8 million ounds but for the credit


  3. Wow! £3m nice retirment fund. Ladies, keep all your cookwares in 2100, they will be vantage items! And our kids will be able to cash in on that TV show "what's in the artic"


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