10 thoughts on “Random Quote.. Ravi Zacharias…

  1. @ Funms – well.. guess its a case of the lesser of two evils, with nostalgia one refuses to let go of the past (refusing to go forward), and with amnesia one tries to forget the past (refusinng to learn from it)…


  2. @ CaramelD — i think so too — captures swuccintly how we often try to manage our issues..@Writefeak – Can i have the bell so i can ring it? lol@Majoram — Guess its all a question of preference then?


  3. Um, I don't agree, sorry.Amnesia could be quite blissful depending on who you are. And, nostalgia, amnesia are better than the alternative – nothing (death).Just my 2 cents, but it is still a powerful quote though.


  4. @Buttercup — I'm sure you've got loads of great quotes in that head of yours.. Spill some, so we might learn..@SSD — Now the "nothinng" angle brings a whole new spin to the whole argument…. Hmmm.. Food for thought though..


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