Finally, the reason why women cheat…. LOL

Found this story on Yahoo via an RSS feed….Its supposed to be some ground breaking research on why women cheat — apparently there’s a conection between a certain hormone and the likelihood of women getting hit on by men….. Have a great read…

22 thoughts on “Finally, the reason why women cheat…. LOL

  1. Men just cannot let their Egos think a woman is cheating bcos the men suck at treating them right or due to some fault of theirs….there just has to be a "hormone" pushing them…. ah!!! lolOff to read!


  2. @Tigress — Well maybe some clinical testing mught be able to provide the answer.. LOL@Moses — Yeah — guess you're right, this study was only trying to identify the key risk factors that make that possible.. LOL@@Padosh/ ShonaVixen — Unfortunately I did not participate in the study… In fairness to the chaps who ran the study, they did mention that the hormone was only a risk factor, dudes still had to do the chasing.. LOL…


  3. @ GNG/ Funms/ MissLove — Well, its proven scientifically.. So i would not argue against the evidence.. Now wether it is because the hormones make them more attractive to men to chase, or it makes them more susceptible to infidelity, the bottom line is that there is cheatinng.. of course it takes two to tango, so women cannot cheat by themselves.. lol..


  4. Rubbish. The interpretation of their research is simple. Women with " " (Whatever the frack that homone is called) are attractive becos they have bigger breast and yansh, so men follow them. Hormone or no hormone. That's just animal nature. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.


  5. Now its hormones, tomorrow it's another thing. It's not scientific or biological, it down to the girl herself. As Miss Love said, why do men cheat?


  6. The "research" by these people can only shed light on a fraction of the causes of cheating… As you all have pointed out women, indeed all human beings, are very complex and their interactions with other people, the social structure, and the specifics of their particular situation all affect the final cheat/ don't cheat decision. As one of my friends put it, the true solution is a like a polynomial in 26 dimensions for which only 3 dimensions are known. Any generalizations will always fall short of the complete picture…@MIss Love/ Naija Babe/ Miss Love — Maybe in your next lives you can help shed some light on why men cheat… LOL… But I wouldn't put it beyond these people to "find" another hormone in men that makes them more attractive and hence more liable to cheat…


  7. Cheating is cheating whether some funny test have proven it or not…Just when re they going to conduct the test on why men cheat?..LOLCheating is a mind thingy and often times, men cause this, other times,so women are just naturally born slut.You may want to check on my article:- Signs To Know When Women Cheat on Their Men? on this link: <a href="http://-” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://-” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://-” target=”_blank”>-


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