Finally, the exams….Going MIA…

WOW.. Finally the 1st semester exams are here… 3+ months of course work, lectures, field trips, discussion classes and library work are going to be put through a comprehensive test over the course of the next two weeks…. I’ve got this nervy, on-the-edge feeling — which in the past has served me so well.. Hopefully, I can harness it again and make a strong statement of intent per this MSc program… The stakes are kinda high — was grudgingly granted approval to pursue the Msc by my 9ja bosses — so I need to lay down a marker and let them know it was worth the gamble…..

Three straight exams starting from tomorrow followed by a break for the weekend and then two more next week and then its all over…..I’m so wanting to hit FM2009 after those exams… Have stayed away from the game for so loooooong. LOL……..

14 thoughts on “Finally, the exams….Going MIA…

  1. All the best o!THe lifter of heads woud life your head up, and cause you to shine this season!Your exam period woudl be grace assisted…….and just chill abit…you go play all the game you wan play tireCiao


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