’27 dresses’, Peanut Butter and a somewhat Merry Christmas….

Thanks to y’all who wished me a Merry Christmas. In view of the fact that I was stuck in Europe, that was the best I could have hoped for. Unfortunately there was no “White Christmas” where I was —so my plan to take some pictures with snow to finally convince the “Doubting Thomases” that I was indeed somewhere in Europe failed to materialize….

Found out that I have this unquenchable “lust” for peanut butter… Yours truly ate it with everything over the Christmas – bread, rich tea biscuits, mixed with pasta.. I would be embarassed to even mention some of the things I did with it….Hopefully I’ll not add more than a few kilograms, and my regular brisk walks will burn it all off…. lol…

Was glad for the break – took time out to play Football Manager 2009 on my laptop.. Ended up top of the Hall of Fame by 2016.

Finally took the advice of a friend and watched 27 dresses . I’ve never being a fan of romantic comedies, especially now when my FB crush is still not showing face.. You know these things have a way of reminding you that you are still very single…..lol.. Anyways, I liked it,(at least it kept me occupied for the lul in activity over Christmas)…. And I definitely will watch it again…..

The next big thing for me is to update my 5 year plan…. Each year I review my goals from the past year on a number of fronts – career, social, humanitarian and educational and set out key action items to progress over the course of the year…. This time one of the activities is to start a more “serious” blog on Nigeria and its issues — hopefully promoting a dialog to identify ways that we as individuals can make a difference in our own small spheres of influence….

A big influence on my life in the latter part of this year has been Rick Warren and his PEACE plan initiative. Hopefully, I can resolve my Spiritual black sheep status and get something useful with my life outside the field of Engineering….

Here’s to 2009….. Hopefully, a year to make a fresh start and make a real difference…. And capture the elusive 19th…

13 thoughts on “’27 dresses’, Peanut Butter and a somewhat Merry Christmas….

  1. Lol@ convincing doubters. Once my Aunt insisted on collecting a picture of mine that had oyibos on the background rather than me alone to 'prove' to others that I was in America.Peanut butter and pasta? You should see the look on my face.I like 27 dresses. I love chic flicks nice to see that guys actually watch stuff other than crude comedy and violence.Have a blessed Year 2009!!!


  2. Amen to that bruv! I've been toying with the "serious blog" idea for a while too lol. And don't worry, in dude time God will deliver us from singleness and all it entails…particularly crappy food!!!!


  3. @ Abujamaiden.. Guess I forgot to add that the peanut butter and pasta thingy is definitely one of the things i don't expect to try again.. lol.. BTW, I know lots of dudes who watch stuff other than (or maybe its in addition to) crude comedy and violence@ Doug..Hopefully God has it high on the agenda to deliver us this year… Tho deep in my heart i feel i need to resolve my "black sheep" thingy before seriously chasing anyone… Keeping me fingers crossed tho…


  4. Why do u need to take pictures of snow to convince ppl u're in Yankee? Who gives a shit what they think and y do u care?Abeg!!!!!!!!!!!!27 Dresses rocked, surprised u liked it, went to see it with the flame 'of the moment' over six months ago, he promptly dozed off after 10 minutes and i promptly dumped him.


  5. @AbujaBabe… U never know what the dude had been up to in daylight hours… Maybe the dude was looking forward to some "crude comedy and violence" as AbujaMaiden put it and was disappointed to see a chick flick…. lol… Thx for stoppinng by tho..


  6. hmm good to know Rick Warren is a big influence in ur life..and hope to hear more about the change in the black sheep status in 2009 ;)ok maybe i shld go see that movie as well…


  7. lol @ convincing doubters……..i didnt like 27 dresses, did u?……… lets fish out this ur fb crush jare… Happy new year in advance


  8. @ Aloted.. Hopefully I'll get to resolve those issue this year…. Can't afford to stay in spiritual limbo land for much loger i think…@Funms-the-rebirth: In an absurd way i kind of liked the way the journalist dude turned out to be the opposite of what he wrote, often times life is like that, i think… Plus the whole "being there for others" without looking out for yourself thing and having a crush u can't act on are every day themes i think…. lol…


  9. lol @ taking pics to convince the doubting thomases..na them sabi jere..i havent had peanut butter in years..lol u must REALLY love it ahnahn!i absolutely love romantic comedies! they r all i ever watched, i just recently started watching other stuff..never horror tho..aww what r we going to do bout this ur fb crush, ehn?


  10. @Jaycee – Here's hoping we get more inspired by your blog in 2009… That "Last Man Running" thingy was spot on…..@Bumight.. Guess the peanut butter thingy was also fuellled by absence of any zeal for the books….It wz just movies, games and food for xmas.. lol…@Buttercup.. At first i tot it was just a friendly jibe abt taking pictures to convince them.. But the chaps have repeated it severally,so either its for real or its just a ploy to get me to overcome my "picture phobia"….. "Brown Sugar" was my personal favorite until "27 dresses"… I also love a good spy thingy too.. Plus some serious shoot em up once in a while too…On the FB crush thingy.. I think I'm gradually coming to terms with the fact that it may not just "work"… There's a significant age difference plus found out that one of our mutual friends has been asking her out for over a year!. So my "pragmatic" side is winning that war…So guess I'll just chill on that one and see what gives…


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