WOW.. Went to church yesterday and was wowed by the Christmas story presentation put up… Everything from the kids singing “silent night” to the the main choir singing an up-beat rocky version of “Joy to the World” brought back memories from long ago…..

Liverpool almost gave me the perfect Christmas gift.. but yet again they failed to kill off a game that was there for the taking… Even I, the most die-hard of pragmatic fans – have begun to have real serious doubts about their desire to win the elusive 19th this year.. Have a real fear deep down that we’ll not get a better chance than this year.. with all the “Big Four” bleeding points like snow on a white Christmas….

Wonder how Christmas will feel this year — its my first time away from my family at Christmas.. Guess this chap had to grow up sooner rather than later anyways.. Plus all my flatmates have packed up and travelled — Nigeria, France, Dubai and London — dudes all gone leaving moi to my own devices for Christmas…..

Anyways, guess I’ll head off to church on Christmas day, come back for some serious bookwork and possibly see if there’s anyone I know willing for some small talk on the Tyne River…..

Anyways — Merry Christmas to y’all and thanks to the credit crunch I have a real excuse not to give any gifts this year!!!!

Last off — here’s Joy to the World from Mariah Carey….

17 thoughts on “Ruminating……

  1. @Tigress — Thanks.. Merry Xmas too..
    @ShonaVixen — Just got an invite to a Nigerian party for Christmas Eve in school… Should keep me occupied.. lol
    @Solomonsydelle — Thanks — Merry Xmas too.. Don't worry, I won't get into trouble… Remember I'm trying to be good for Santa to deliver on my letter to him.. lol…Also keen to see what your tots r on this El-Rufai thingy and the plea bargain Igbins has gotten from EFCC.. Deeply dissappointed over that one….


  2. ok first of all don't get it twisted Liverpool is losing the cup to Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!whoot whoot whoot!!!!Having said that, I feel you on the part about remembering where you came from. I'm a lost sheep if you ever saw one. Finding my way back though. Lovely Post man. First time here!!!!And thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. @doug.. easy man….Chelsea do not seem like a credible alternative either.. what with their stuttering form? U guys could very easily have lost to Everton yesterday.. My only fear is that the Manure have a way of hitting form and going on long stretches where they win everything winnable.. That's more likely than Chelsea winning the title…lol… Thx for stoppng by also..


  4. @Bumight – Thx.. hope you had a splendid christmas yrself..@Rayo — That's truly is the real reason I'm not giving gifts this year.. Plus the Nigerian Stock market has imploded with my "small personal fortune"… lol


  5. i missed the whole christmas carols thing this year :(im not going to gloat about man utd, dont worry..i want to, but i @ u blaming not giving gifts on the credit crunch..lmao


  6. @Buttercup…Sorry u missed the christmas carols thingy… Maybe next time…lol….Gloat abt Man Utd? U'd better not…..We (Liverpool of course) are also in some 5-star form!!!The "credit crunch" is a real reason sis…Just try googling credit crunch + christmas.. lol…


  7. Too bad u didnt have a white christmas, all those doubting thomases would have had their mouth closed. hope say the hols dey go alright. take am easy nothing do u. Happy new year.


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