Random Thoughts….

Wonder what I need to do to get married to a very rich diva… Boy if i can make 50 million pounds from 9yrs, I’d be made for life.. That definitely will banish all thoughts of a credit crunch to the doldrums “like a bad night’s dream forever”.. Wonder why all these celebs hook up in the first place, if is only to part with loads of cash (maybe its not so hard-earned anyways or it really doesn’t hurt them lose the money). Maybe they do not believe in the love they sing about in their songs too….

On the subject of forgiveness and second chances, wonder what y’all think about our Nigerian bro who’s pleading for a pardon from President Bush… Apparently the dude was convicted of driving for a drug cartel in New York way back in 1989. He’s however had 20 years of stellar behaviour, spent in church work.. Surely, that is paying back to the community and on the basis of that he can be excused? I mean, he can’t be the only one who has been convicted for driving for a new york crime syndicate…What’s so special with this case? It does bring to the fore the negative image that Nigerians still have out there – the home of scammers, and everything bad. A gross generaliation (which is akin to intellectual suicide)but one which is very widely held.

I don’t know but it looks to me that maybe there is just a little less tolerance in the West for other people. Maybe its the credit crunch but when even ex-Archbishop William Carey chips in with his own two cents (two pence is more appropriate right?) about tigthening immigration control, in the name of not forgetting “the importance of Christian identity” I wonder what the world is coming to…Maybe he needs reminding that “there are only two races, the decent and the indecent”.

Guess ultimately it boils down to two things: Nigerians who persist in doing stuff to rubbish the name of the beloved country and our crap leadership that persists in lining their own pockets as well as those of their own croonies with the nations resources, instead of building the infrastructure required to take Nigeria forward…..

NB: Did u ppl see this bill from lawyers to INEC? Hmmm.. I wonder if the chaps deserve the money – looks to me like Manchester City offering to pay someone 400,000 pounds a week….. Golly…. Maybe i’m in the wrong career.

10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts….

  1. @Jaycee – I understand one of the officals actually went on record to mention Nigeria as one of the reasons why the dude should not be pardoned.. hear he was fired tho….
    @Afronuts — Hopefully, things will change — for the better..


  2. u might wanna put ads in the papers with the caption "Young Man Seeking Wealthy Diva".. :D*sighs* im honestly not sure that things will get better..they seem to be getting worse by the day..i don tire o..im on a mission to marry cristiano ronaldo..even if thats the last thing i do!btw u seem to have disappeared off facebook!


  3. @Buttercup — Yeah will seriuosly consider putting in an ad for that.. "Young man seeking wealthy diva" — sounds great too… Maybe setting my facebook profile to that will also work fineDeactivated my FB account for a while. will reactivate inn some weeks time.. Need to get some good hours reading my real books not facebook lol…


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