The freedom of anonymity…..and other random tots…

Spent a couple of minutes speaking with one of my friends.. and suddenly realized how “easy” the internet has made communication….This dude is that half-shy – half-reserved type who can barely keep a conversation going, but is absoutely fabulous on MSN or Facebook.. This dude manages to pull off witty comments that i’ve never heard from him in real life…. I began to wonder if maybe communicating in real time involves so many nuances that most people just wilt rather than communicate effectively…. Make no mistake, this guy is good – he finished in the top two in my class back in 9ja while yours truly finished in the never land of mid-table obscurity (as the football pundits so aptly put it) but the guy never was a talker….

Found a sad tale on the web of a romantic proposal gone awry… some romantic folks decided to propose marriage on the sea shore. Unfortunately, the wife-to-be got swept out to sea and died….Guess the simple things are most often the safest too….

Liverpool finally won a premier league match, and Arsenal avoided another slippery patch against Wigan, Man Utd pulled one out of the fire at home to Sunderland and Chelski turned on the style against another team outside the top four.. Unfortunately, they will keep doing well against the lesser teams but come apart against ARSEnal (you cannot pass the ball better than them), Manure (too many game winners to track) and Liverpool (too much endeavor and hard work).. Anyways, at least Liverpool still sit atop the table for another week at least.. Let’s see what happens when Hull City come to Anfield next week…….

16 thoughts on “The freedom of anonymity…..and other random tots…

  1. Lol…I think I can totally realte with this. I am very witty via msn or facebook but when I'm with people (especially ones I don't know) I am very quiet. Though I've learnt to break out of that shell since i started doing some marketing for my uni.THE COUPLE…OH my God, so sad.Yes Man U didnt disappoint but they need to get Liverpool off the top like now…though it means Liverpool have to loose the next 3 matches and Man U win theirs…now thats praying for the impossible…or maybe not


  2. Well.. as a Liverpool fan.. I can only hope that it doesn't go that way and we last the pace… I fear there's no real depth in the squad to go the distance tho.. Robbie Keane looks like an expensive flop and Ngog doesn't just cut it for me….. Hoepfully we can get some money in January and get a decent striker and a right back… Loved how well Insua performed at left back.. def did better than that that other crap recruit DROSenna…


  3. @ Tigress… Oh so because i didn't rub in the dross your guys served up in the form of Gallas and his gutter mouth… u feel you can threaten me???? Anyways.. we (Liverpool) are coming to the Emirates on the 28th of Dec.. We'll talk abt ARSEnal after that…
    LOL@AbujaMaiden.. Yes o.. na internet dem for meet o….. unfortunately, they couldn't also consumate the marriage on theinternet…..


  4. lmao…I swear its not funny but I can't just stop laughing at the proposal story….guess she got swept away!!!I am very noisy in life with people I am comfortable with…ie…mostly blacks lol…and kind of reserved with my white friends….


  5. sometimes i think its easier for me to communicate on the phone or net…im good face to face but not with someone who gives me butteflies 😦 and dats so sad the couple!


  6. @Afrobabe.. Unfortunately its sad…travelling half way around the world only to get drowned…. If it happened in some places in Africa thr grandmother – or the step son would be accused of witchcraft!!!!
    @MissLove.. Guess the butterflies always have a mind of their own…
    @Cappucinebaby — Ehen.. and so? Wetin do football again o?
    @Aloted — Yeah yeah… its almost always so much easier to just write than talk in person……


  7. Lol i can also relate to ur too shy in person for my own good, i have a phobia for saying the wrong, damn, such a sad story..poor guy..Yea, u Liverpool people need to lose already! I have confidence in Man U tho, we never start the season strongly but we ALWAYS pick up..may this season not be different!


  8. @Buttercup.. You Man U ppl sef.. and yr bad belle for Liverpool.. na wah o.. guess its mutual.. its not for nothing that we are the two most successful clubsides in England……


  9. I always think that having my two feet planted on the earth is better than tempting any waves of the seas, sad story!
    Writing is comforting in a way I guess and you actually think before you write rather than opening your mouth for floodgates of rubbish to flow! It also has its disadvantages you cant give the right inflections when writing and something you say can be misconstrued!


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