On Anonymity, Make Believe and other random musings…

Just felt i needed to get this off my chest……..

Last week marked the third month of my latest episode in the ongoing saga of “DB goes to school”. I’d been away from my books for about 6 yrs — served the nation for one year and worked 5 – but then a number of work related events made me ask myself the hard questions… On the surface I had a great life – an OK job, loads of wonderful friends, and I was racking up experience in an area of engineering i loved…. But somehow, one morning in March — after yet another emergency at the plant had made me come to work on a sunday and leave by past 9pm — I decided I’d had enough and I applied to a school for an MSc placement…. Got a letter of admission a couple of weeks later, and thus started my journey back to books…..

Have met loads of new people — some great, some ok but some downright lousy..Like the dude who always boasts loudly in class about how many years of experience he’s got working in the industry.. How he’s led project teams, travelled to about 7 countries on training (at the last count — unfortunately the number increases each time he decides to regale us with his importance……..), how he’s got a plum job at Esso, Shell or BP waiting for him and all what not……Or the chap who had this classic yoruba accent(apologies — i mean no tribal slur here) when we resumed school – but now has this unconvincing Geordie accent – that sounds like someone has a chicken wire around his throat and he’s gasping for air…….

I prefer the anonymity that staying quiet gives me… The ability to stay undercover and quietly plot my trajectory.. Maybe that’s why I’m hooked on blogsville.. for the anonymous window it gives me to say it the way I feel, without fearing that anyone’s ox is being gored…….

Or then maybe I should start practicing trying to sound like a scouscer in front of my mirror!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “On Anonymity, Make Believe and other random musings…

  1. I say stick with the anonymity. Chances that that dude with experience is just lying…maybe not but please keep being hooked to blogsville. We are giving you attention. Lol!


  2. Remember why you went back to school and keep that at the front of your mind. Those type of boasters are good in the sense that they remind you to step up the game. People say its not a competition but in some ways it is. You just need to be a silent competitor. Dilligence and pride don't mix. Stick to blogsville – just vent anonymously.


  3. Congrats dear on taking the plunge to go back…its actually quite scary and I applaud you for doing it. I also know what you mean about the boasters…arrrrrgggh its like why are you even talking?? LOL


  4. @AbujaMaiden… Guess that's the commonsense thing to do — only that the dude rubs me the wrong way and somehow always manages to pop up around me all the time plus i doubt he's got all that experience cos he asks elementary questions that someone practicing in the industry should know…
    @Tina.. Yeah — def have gt to keep ths focus on the right things — not trying to be relevant by all means…
    @ShonaVixen… Very true — Especially cos I'm too rax to try to speak thru my nose.. LOL
    @Bondgirl…U're right– its quite a plunge— have already decided a PHD is not for me.. unless something major happens to chnage my mind…..


  5. As for the guys running their mouths (typical of men and their egos)- they sound like fools. No need to joing them, I'm very sure that others see them that way too. they are just not saying no'on.


  6. Nice one, I prefer anonymity anyday. Looks like you get the same cast of characters everywhere. I have someone in my class who seems to have worked in every country in Africa but once when I decided to confront him about his claims he escaped saying he had to be somewhere else:)
    And accents appearing overnight are another thing why cant you speak normally:))
    Very funny post!
    ps- Dont mind all my 'daku daji' commenting, just going through your blog when I have some time!


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