Exam Fever II…

WOW..took some advice from y’all on blogsville and joined a discussion group plus reactivated my library card… Have averaged 4 hrs of serious book work a day since sunday… I should be on course to smash my exams at this rate..

Hmm – Just curious but can guys and girls be “just friends”? What do y’all think? I know a dude who’s stuck in limbo land over some young lady who he is “just friends” with and i’m wondering if that category even exists in the first place……. Fire away y’all…

11 thoughts on “Exam Fever II…

  1. OMD!! I've been asking myself the same question. But i've come to conculde that its a yes and no answer.From a girls perspective, yes- as long as the guy isnt attracted to you. My friend Sexy T and i are pals but…..And its also a no. I became friends with a married guy and his single friend. Things never took off with the single guy. Only for my married friend to tell me he wants to shag me- WTF!!!As for taking my (lol) advice on joining a group and library- glad it worked for u. only if my friends will start listening to me.


  2. Concernin ur school work..good for u n good luck once again!Concernin ur question..its possible but rarely tho..yes, attraction comes up at some point but i guess once one conditions their mind to the fact that they r just FRIENDS, the attraction usually wears off..i repeat, only in rare cases is it possible!


  3. WOW.. Thanks for the exam wishes.. making steady if not spectacular progress on closing out my book work issues….Guess most of the time, the issue of being just friends needs a case by case solution.. I could say I'm just friends with a number of young ladies – most of them married btw… but the definitions from the start have helped to streamline the friendships….I've had to pull the plug on one or two for a while just to keep the thing in the proper perspective… However this particlar friend of mine and this girl are both engaged to different ppl, but somehow its looking like its spiralling out of control.. even when the dude tried to create some space, he ends up being "castigated" for not calling.. Told the guy that it looked as tho the attraction is mutual.. maybe they need to reasess their current relationships and decide if they want to hook up or if not just call it quits with their frienship and revert to the distance they'd had before… Unfortunately its a work situation….and there certainly are no easy solutions.


  4. Hmmn…you're not going to believe this…but someone asked me this question some days back…and I had to really think about it and here is what I concluded: The truth is it is possible for a girl and a guy to be friends…having said that…they could have chemistry and they have a choice of doing something about it particularly if it is mutual…or NOT …Now let me use "me" as an example…I have good male friends that I know I can NEVER date…as in it ain't gonna happen…and I have male friends that I am honestly attracted to but the truth is there's no way I am going to jeopardise that friendship especially (I don't know o!) if the attraction is one sided…At the end of day I look at it this way…in our life time, we will be attracted to a million and one people…do we now make a move on all of them? absolutely not! You deal with it and move on and if you can't be friends with them without the fireworks playing up, then take a breather and clear your mind of all emotions!


  5. @NoLimit.. Really? Guess it comes from rolling around with ppl my age.. who think they should be in a relationship and are always looking to see which options work…….Problem is, as u rightly pointed out, once the attraction is out in the air its never the same again… and good friendships can get marred by that..


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