Exam Fever….

Got a rude shock a couple of days ago… My Degree Program Administrator circulated an email to all of us chaps on the provisional examination timetables.. Exams start off in just over a month and this dude has been chilling instead of reading since… Told my friend that I was having problems motivating myself to read.. His advice? Print out all my fee receipts and my pay slips from 9ja and put them on my white board… His reasoning is that if i keep looking at how much I’ve paid and how much I will not earn this year, I will sit up and read..Great advice anyways..

So i’ve decided to scale back on blogging and facebooking, restrict my email checking and replying to once a day (at night) and try to clear the backlog of book work.. Currently have the equivalent of two reams of A4 paper to peruse – and the bad part is the bulk of it is theoretical — with very little calculations….. God go help im boy sha…

10 thoughts on “Exam Fever….

  1. a ya pele. The days of studying is well over for me. I've always had problems studying during my undergrad and MBA program- but i managed to pass.Try going to the Library or get a study partner. Get past exam questions/answers. A lot of these lecturers recycle.


  2. Thx for stopping by.. I plan to try the library angle… and get a study partner in a couple of weeks — after I have something to contribute to the discussion……


  3. Hey Danny, wish i could help. Anyways the library is a very good start even if u find urself just staring for the first few hours, you'll blend in no time. And i trust those 2 reams of papers are too small for you and God to tackle. Wishing you flying colors in this exam.


  4. @Fanwest.. Thx for stopping by.. Really hope so too.. Guess I've been away from my books for way too long in the first place.. 7 yrs infact… so getting back into the school groove has taken some doing…
    @Ms O . Thx for stopping by…


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