Not all things bad are Nigerian….

Found this interesting article about forgeries of academic qualifications by some Asian students who somehow got admitted into Newcastle University.. With all the bad publicity 9ja has been getting (no thanks to crackdowns on journalists, inventive facebook scams and the brutalisation of a certain Ms Okere); its somewhat gratifying that not all things bad are Nigerian. On a more serious note though – what do y’all think drives the need to forge documents to gain entry into a University especially when these Universities have access to a plethora of tool for verifying these documents?

At a minimum, its a high risk gamble, and quite possibly has a greater than 60% chance of failing.. Then maybe again its the whole risk averse vs risk accepting argument..

Full article can be found at..

Unfortunately i’m no good at html.. so u’ll just have to copy the link and paste it into a browser window..

Off to school now..

19 thoughts on “Not all things bad are Nigerian….

  1. It's a pathetic delusion to think that all bad things are Naija. There is a whole lot of evil out there being perpetrated by citizens of all other countries of the world. Those of the advanced countries are sofistcated. They would rather say "assassined" than "murdered or butchered".


  2. First time on your blog. I decided to 'investigate' you after reading your comment on Misslove's blog. Very insightful I must say. I am glad that some attention is being taken away from naija in the 419 department. At least I know Sgt barry(see 'You can't hussle… on my page) could be Ling ong, not just some Amechi, or Bala or Sola. Nice post!


  3. @ Nefertiti — Thx — its an unfortunate characteristic of yours truly that i say it as i feel it….. Brave thing u're attempting to do with the Sgt Barry guy… I wouldn't touch it with a long pole….. But then maybe I'm lily livered….
    @ Cappuccine baby — if i remember correctly u need to open an afrigator account, there'll be instructions to claim your blog and then copy the code that will display the logo….


  4. You know…as an American…I know that there are some good things in Nigeria and in Nigerians….but I lost faith in my Nigerian King. He was a faker.First time here, how are you?


  5. Yeah — guess the only way we can change that perception is by being proudly nigerian – excelling at what we do and being above board as individuals — respect has to be won.. it will never be handed over… thx for yr tots y'all


  6. Good, bad, & ugly- I am Nigerian and proud of it and i've come to embrace the good,the bad, and the ugly. I dont blame folks for generalizing we Nigerian and at the same time i feel it's wrong. It's like me assuming all white westerners are murders & racists.The bad & Ugly are intelligence Nigerians just channel the wrong direction.


  7. I'm one person that's very quick to say that a great many bad things are not done by Nigerians, and that compared to Asians, Nigerians have not even started. They just know how to wash their dirty linen in private, and force others to observe privately as well… Unlike some Nigerians.


  8. @ Archiwiz – Agree absolutely — all the organized crime, people traffiking, drugs and God-knows-what-else that goes on all over the world doesn't get as much attention as the stuff our Nigerian bruvs do… Guess we have to change people's mind — one at a time.. That's all.. Thx for stopping by…


  9. Kin'shar's was the best comment here IMO…On a more serious note, while I'm loathe to describe the bad press Nigerians get as racism, sometimes I think in such terms because frankly the whole thing is inexplicable. That and the fact that we have some Nigerians who are only too glad to pour mud on the rest of us as I found out a long time ago…


  10. If it were Nigerians in this case, We would have been on Sky News, CNN and BBC…even Aljazeera. Its plain prejudice because even in terms of internet scamming China and the USA are worse off than we are. We really need PR but when the west owns the media, its gonna take a while mabye NTA (sneeze!) SABC (South Africa's version of quality media) can help!!!!!


  11. @Chxta — They're just plain jealous of us.. But with things like the stuff waffarian has blogged about, its not difficult to see why our perception as a nation is overwhelmingly negative…


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