Rattled by the Fire Alarm…

Meen — Haven’t felt this miffed in a veery long time… Had a 9am class today, woke up at 6.30am, browsed through blogsville to catch up on all I’d missed over the weekend and popped into the bath.. only for the fire alarm to sound… The silly porters had decided that 8.15am on a Monday morning was the best time to have a fire drill…

The resulting 30 min delay meant i only completed preparation for classes at 9.00am and finally arrived the lecture hall a full 30mins after the lecture had started… Doubt I learned anything form it by the way……

13 thoughts on “Rattled by the Fire Alarm…

  1. well you sound like you REALLY R into getting into class early and getting notes before hand and all that πŸ™‚ something i need to imbibe..lol.my first time here…and been a while since i heard the word 'miffed' πŸ™‚ thanks for remindin me it existed.


  2. i hate fire drills too………. i was in a similar situation when i was in school but i didnt care getting to class late…. it as a boring lecturer……..lolthanx for stopping by my blog


  3. LOl! At least some drunk kid didn't pull the alarm at 4am. I almost slapped some of these yankee children eh? I would have been deported for violence so I just went back to sleep.


  4. Thx for stopping by…
    @Mimi — I no get choice than to like the lecture o — u know how much dem collect from my hand as school fees? Na community money o…
    @ Funms/ Abujamaiden – The bad part is that some silly guys had tripped the alarm twice before at 11.30pm and 1.00am while trying to concoct some asian food, so I almost assumed it was them again.. Could have been hit with a hefty £150 fine just like that… Yeye people…


  5. Tell me something about fire drills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank gudness they've only done ours once! and we actually have a fire test we have to take or else we get fined!


  6. @MissyLove — Somehow i feel the repetition of the drill scould actually become coounter-productive – more like the "wolf-wolf" syndrome.. Told the Accommodation Manager that and she chewed me out big time.. Bad judgement from me I guess….


  7. fire drills are not very nice most times. i set off the alarm once while cooking some naija food, people were mad at me but no be my fault lolthaanks for stoping by.


  8. Well.. granted fire drills are good — but some sense should be put into planning them.. The drill could have been held earlier, not by 8.15am when chaps were just prepping for 9.00am classes… All points very well taken tho….


  9. Fire alarms rock! But come to think of it, we haven't had any in a very long time. They become very frequent when winter fully sets in though — a lot of idiots smoking in their rooms…


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