From the archives…..

A poem I wrote many years ago — when i was still a beardless teenager way back in Nigeria.. Enjoy…

Waiting for forever.

We had our hopes, we had our dreams,
We somehow believed,in words and swords,
We somehow believed, that one more coup,
That some more troops,
Would consign to the past, the pains we felt forever.

Somehow we believed, in sugar coated tongues,
In “fellow country men”,In “khaki covered men”
To wipe away the past, like a bad night’s dream forever..

Somehow we’ve waited, somehow we’ve panted,
Some how hoping long, even against hope,

Somehow expecting the recurring “Joshuas”
To bring on us Utopia, Like fresh breezes from the sea.

The more we wait, the more the pain it seems,
The more distant the land of promise seems,

Of course we all but knew, somehow we’ve realized,
We’ve waited, Yes, We’ve waited,
Waited for forever.

24 thoughts on “From the archives…..

  1. @Buttercup — U're right — U REALLY shoud have been in bed…Must have been something in the region of 2am in SA?
    @Abujamaiden — Yeah yeah, probably all of 11 yrs ago that one…..


  2. So now you are what, a bearded grandpa?Nice with a few rough edges but I am lurving the lyrical nature of this poem plus the repition does wonders for the imagery of waiting forever. Like doing something over and over with no results…Sadly we are still waiting!


  3. @ poeticallytinted – guess i'm more of a hard-nosed realist now; whose sole aim is getting the "pepper" done and dusted.. Still struggle to grow a beard tho….. LOLThx for the feedback too….


  4. oy yeh- i was going to comment on that fire alarm post yesterday! how annoying- i remember my first day in uni halls- i set off the fire alarm on a sunday morning with the microwave!! how embarrasing *cringe*


  5. Hey Danny! I must confess, I am no good with poetry. However, I was able to read and actually enjoy this! Thanks for sharing.Just read your comment at Nigerian Curiosity and would like to invite you to share your thoughts on the way forward. I always interested in hearing everyone's ideas and can't wait to hear yours.take care!


  6. @Jaycee – thx for stopping by.. The notes in the edge of my notebook seem to suggest i sketched out the bulk of the poem while listening to some would – be student union presidents give all their flowering speeches about what they'll do and not do.. Guess its more a reaction to the years of promises, false dawns and deferred hope that our brand of politicians have given us over the years…


  7. I pray we don't wait forever in vain for Nigeria!the most touching part 4 me:To wipe away the past, like a bad night's dream forever..The past is the reason there is today…it remains the past!


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